To-do List:

  • Purchase domain and hosting.
  • Review website design.
  • Content writing.
  • Do SEO.
  • Write email series for the mailing list.
  • Do graphics design for next article.
  • Do Social Media Marketing.
  • Do Networking.
  • Research.
  • ETC.


The list is endless.

As a beginner blogger, there’s just so much for you to do and you’re forced to wear many hats.

Truly, it can be quite overwhelming.

Throw in the fact that you (I actually do) have a set of 3-year old twins and a full-time job; and then you begin to understand how demanding it could get.

When I first started blogging, I did tons of reading and research – trying my best to get as much information as possible.

I joined countless Facebook groups, downloaded 2 million free e-books, and bookmarked several online courses I was going to take.

I subscribed to every blogging newsletter I could find; and each day I’d get many more emails than I could read in an entire week.

It was such a “busy” period for me; with little productivity.

But then something happened and it all changed.

I found George Kao’s website.

George is a marketer, but not in the terms we’ve come to know the word. He teaches people how to run their business authentically.

When I first stumbled upon his website, I initially approached it with the same “grab-and-go”, “scan-and-leave” mentality that I read other marketing blogs.

But I noticed that there was something different about his site. And so, over the next couple of hours, I read more articles and watched several videos.

Even though I couldn’t immediately put a finger on what exactly made him so different, I just knew that I’d fallen in love with his methods.

As I spent more time following George through his articles and videos, it finally hit me: THIS GUY IS CALM! The guy is not in a hurry. He is not desperate to sell.

And that was the turning point for me.

You see, life is fast.

The pace at which we move these days is scary. We all want things to happen NOW; and we’ve all lost that virtue called Patience.

Information overload does not help. We’re super-connected to our devices – trying to keep up with emails and the latest social media posts.

As we spend more time online, we’re constantly exposed to more and more ads that sell the theory of GET IT NOW, DO IT NOW.

You see this in 98% 99% of online marketers. They’re asking you to subscribe to their mailing list NOW! Download their bestselling free e-book NOW! Enroll in their life-changing course NOW! Like their Facebook page NOW!

And this desperation to sell affects everything they do; so much that they are willing to lie to you if it helps them achieve their goals.

George was not like that. He was completely different. His articles and videos were never pushy. He had a very calm approach; and that was what made me fall in love.

After making this important discovery and seeing how he differed from other online marketers or coaches, I asked myself 2 important questions:

  • How come he’s doing things differently and still “making it”?
  • How come he’s not bullying his readers into making a purchase – and yet he is overbooked with clients?


What I found changed me forever.

One of his articles (10 -Year Plan for Authentic Business) gives a very detailed, year-by-year guide to help you build an authentic business and “retire” in 10 years.

You can read the full article on his site; but I’ll just list them here for our purposes.

  • Year 1 => Authentic Content Marketing
  • Year 2 => One-to-one Services
  • Year 3 => Group Program (maybe also a Book)
  • Year 4 => Online Courses
  • Year 5 => Scaling with Ads & Automation
  • Year 6 => Training Mentees
  • Year 7 => Hiring Your Assistant
  • Year 8 => Larger Joint Ventures
  • Year 9 => Systems Documentation
  • Year 10 => Kaizen Forever


I was 31 by the time I read that post. So, if I’m able to follow the timeline as outlined in the article, I’d be on track to “retire” at 41 years. Not bad.

And I said to myself, if I have 10 years to achieve these things, then why am I running around chasing every new, shiny thing that is advertised by those online marketers?

Why am I obsessed with getting 100,000 subscribers in 2 months? Is the world ending after those 2 months?

Why am I so worried when only 1-person comments on a blog post I poured all my heart into creating? (Especially when that one person is a family member, lol.)

Why am I downloading all those e-books that I never read (or put to practice)?

"That was when it all started to make sense to me: I can achieve everything I want to achieve without stressing my life about it."

I can take an entire year to build an authentic audience of true fans, not random people who don’t really like my articles but were tricked to subscribe because they needed to download an e-book.

I can create excellent products and services tailored for my audience – not because I’m in a hurry to release an e-book or course or whatever; but because I’ve truly found a way to help.

I can then calmly sell those products and services to my willing audience, without bullying them to BUY NOW.

My entire life changed with this discovery of doing business with a calm spirit.

I no longer have to always send the kids away by saying, “Daddy is busy”. I no longer have to slave hours without end on the internet, trying to compel people to read my blog.

I was liberated to work at my own pace.

Don’t get it wrong: George’s 10-year plan is not designed to encourage laziness. As a matter of fact, George is one of the most hardworking people you will ever meet.

Even with all the success he has achieved, he still writes articles and creates videos at least 3 times a week (with his cat Mango hugging the limelight in the videos).

He still buys Facebook ads to promote his free content. So, no, George doesn’t encourage laziness – and neither do I.

Instead, what this does is free you up to work at your own pace; free from society-induced pressure and expectations. It also helps you ensure that you’re working towards your ultimate goal (whatever that may mean for you).

"By having a specific goal for each year, you can align all your efforts towards that singular objective."

When you do this, you begin to put things in perspective. You’ll no longer be easily distracted by every new ad you see. Every released course will no longer be a must-buy for you.

You no longer join Facebook groups you don’t really belong to…simply because you want to “network”.

You no longer miss the kids’ recitals and football games.

And you no longer sleep only 3 hours at night.

All because you now understand that blogging is a marathon – not a sprint.

For example: Your son is in the school soccer team and needs you to watch him practice and play once a week. Throw in the drive to and from school – and that’s 3 hours gone.

This is time you could have spent writing an article for your blog, networking with other bloggers, or researching your competitors.

Or simply watching the joy on your boy’s face when he scores the winning goal.

If you’re still locked in the NOW mentality of blogging and doing business, you’ll see your son’s game as a waste of time.

You’ll be so bent on making money NOW that you forget that your son also needs you NOW.

You may tell yourself that you have several other events to attend for the kids.

But the truth is that they remember the ones you missed more.


Bringing it all together

What’s the relationship between blogger overwhelm and your son’s soccer game? What’s the relationship between George Kao’s authentic marketing and everything else I’ve said?

Life is a series of decisions, and some decisions are more important than others.

"Making the singular decision to take your blogging journey calmly can be the difference between life and death. Literally."

As a blogger who is just starting out, you need to realize very early that it’s going to be a long-term effort.

Blogging is hard work.

It is not a get-rich-quick scheme as some experts paint it. Yes, there are ways to make money from your blog in a short time. But overall you need a sustained effort to achieve significant success.

Stop stressing your life about pageviews, comments, likes, and shares. Focus on the things that matter, and everything else will follow naturally.

So, yes, you can still be the Chief Content Creator, Chief Marketing Officer, Graphics Designer, and everything else in between. But now you can do these things with a new sense of direction and an improved approach.

You can do them authentically and with integrity – without putting unnecessary pressure on yourself and your readers.


Must I wait for 10 years before I can retire?

A common worry for people regarding George’s 10-year plan is: What if I need it to happen faster? What if I have only 3-5 years to work?

Answer: It does NOT have to be 10 years. This duration is not cast in stone and it’s not a rule you must follow.

Also, please understand that the 10-year plan does not mean that you have to wait for 10 years before making money from your blog. There are several ways for you to start earning money from your blog immediately you start.

So, we need to be very clear on this fact. The 10-year plan is the timeframe for you to achieve “semi-retirement” (which simply means Total Financial Freedom).

Having cleared that point, you may still ask the question: What if I want/need to retire in 5 years instead of 10. Can this plan still work for me?

Yes, it can work for you in 5 years. You can scale your approach to help you achieve your goals in a shorter time.

What the plan does is give you a template to work with. And more importantly, it relieves the pressure of NOW!

After all, my ultimate goal on this blog is to help you live a happy and fulfilled life. And so, my focus is on strategies that will reduce stress for you and improve your way of life.

And that’s exactly what George did for me. He reduced the stress I was facing and completely eliminated the overwhelm I felt as a beginner blogger.

If you too will allow yourself to adopt the concepts explained in this post, you’ll discover that the overwhelm you’re currently facing is induced. It can be completely eliminated with a simple change to your work methods, approach, and mentality.

And that’s why I’ll always be grateful to George.

I tell him often that I’m his biggest fan; and that’s true. He is my hero.

Thanks George.