Private Relationship Coaching

Private 1-1 Relationship Coaching

The 1-1 relationship coaching is an opportunity for us to dive really deep into your relationship.


We briefly review the history of your relationship to enable us get a good understanding of your current situation.


But most importantly, together we’ll draw out your own unique map to take you to your wonderful future of a healthy relationship.


I’ll help you get clarity on specific steps you can take today to start improving your relationship immediately.


Some problems we’ll resolve through coaching include:


  • Poor communication with your partner (especially when you feel that he no longer listens to you or understands your needs)
  • How to resolve conflicts in a peaceful and loving way (and also learn the skills needed to reduce arguments)
  • Unsatisfying sex
  • Lack of emotional connection and intimacy (how to get back your intimacy when you seem to have lost it).
  • Trust issues: How to rebuild trust after a heartbreak or betrayal (such as cheating or too many broken promises).
  • Career vs Love: How to create a balance between your romantic relationship and demanding work schedules.
  • And most importantly, how to really know who you are, love yourself, and understand your value.



Benefits of Private Relationship Coaching

  • Better communication
  • Increased intimacy
  • Better sex
  • Fewer fights
  • More trust